Project Objectives

    The main objectives of the project are:
    • Develop accurate and competitive monitoring services (CIMS, SIMS, SMMS) in support of GMES Downstream Services in Romania that will be used especially for NPP Cernavoda and Bucharest, but with applications to other similar sites (urban areas, other infrastructure elements, etc.).
    • Conduct specific applied research, in order to find new or better solutions to the not yet fully-solved scientific problems underlying the proposed technology.
    These two main objectives are supported by several secondary ones, that are to be achieved through all the project’s phases:
    • Define detailed services specifications;
    • Algorithms development;
    • Develop preoperational service;
    • Streamline the developed algorithms and process a dataset;
    • Develop and implement prototype services;
    • Refine products;
    • Validate prototype services;
    • Integrate users’ feedback;