Project Consortium

Due to complexity and multidisciplinary aspects of this proposal, for fulfilling the objectives and activities of the project, Consortium with 5 partners was built-up (1 university, 2 research-development institute, 1 private research centre and 1 public authority):

    • Coordinator (CO) - TERRASIGNA S.R.L. (former ASRC);
    • Partner 1 (P1) - State Owned Company Technologies for Nuclear Energy – Centre for Technology and Engineering for Nuclear Projects (RATEN-CITON);
    • Partner 2 (P2) - University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB) - Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology;
    • Partner 3 (P3) - National Institute for Earth Physics (NIEP);
    • Partner 4 (P4) - Institute for Space Sciences (ISS).

Each partner will carry out complementary activities. Briefly, the following responsibilities were attributed to the partners, according to their expertise:

    • Coordinator (CO)
      TERRASIGNA S.R.L. (former ASRC)

      Its main tasks will be related to develop new GMES Downstream services which will increase the company products and services portfolio. As project coordinator, ASRC will perfom also the related project management activities.
    • Partner 3 (P3)
      National Institute for Earth Physics (NIEP)

      The implementation of an operational Seismic Movement Monitoring Service and the appending of the seismic microzonation map of Bucharest with the new InSAR research elements.